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Please use the form below to contact me, or ask a question. A phone would be good before taking an appointment, online sessions on Skype or Zoom.

Online services on Skype or face to face on Koh Samui, Thailand. You can benefit from a FREE 20 minutes consultation.

At the end of the 20 minutes consultation, you can either:

  • Keep on going with a full session,
  • book for an other date,
  • or stop.


60 minutes sessions: (3.4% Paypal fee will be automatically added to your bill)

82 Euros
100 USD
90 CHF
3 000 THB

Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis Packages

With these packages, from 3 to 6 sessions, you will be coached towards your transformation and the manifestation of your full potential through the identification of your core values and essential needs. You will learn to manage your states and emotions, to define goals and to optimize your strategies. In NLP, “states” refers to the mental and physical processes we experience at any moment. States and values are closely related and participants will learn to distinguish their own states, to influence them and to change them in particular situations to give them more choices in achieving their outcomes or goals.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis offer a wide array of techniques specifically designed to foster change, to clear limiting patterns of thinking and behaving. You will be coached attentively and with care to clear up traumas, change behavioral patterns and habits, to master your emotions and states, to optimize the way you experience your reality (your states) by tapping within to your own unlimited resources.

  • 3 sessions of 45 to 90 min : 8 000 THB
  • 6 sessions of 45 to 90 min : 15 000 THB

You are a Resort, Hotel, Health Center and Want to Offer Services in NLP Coaching and Hypnosis ?

Or wish to propose NLP Self-Development Workshop to Your Guests, feel free to contact me!

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