Entheosonic Whistling Vessels

An Investigation into pre-Colombian Civilizations, Sound, Shamanism, and Unity Nature

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« Can the meaning of the universe be gleaned from entheosonic whistling vessels? Author Denis Casarsa shares a note of rousing optimism in his absorbing work that reveals the marvels of these pre-Colombian Peruvian tools of consciousness, instruments that demonstrate how their different pitches come together to unite and reveal our innate spiritual nature through sounds.

Entheosonic Whistling Vessels: An investigation into pre-Colombian Civilizations, Sound, Shamanism, and Unity Nature offers unprecedented insight into how Peruvian whistles are able to put forth in sounds what words cannot express on the very nature of existence.

This rare and resonant work also shares how the harmonics achieved by theses instruments hold within them the potential for peace and wellbeing in our daily lives. With captivating detail and keen perspective, this informative, enlightening book points the way to the possibilities that can be realized by opening one’s mind to this mystical, wondrous entheosonic shamanic experience. »

« Entheosonic Whistling Vessels are transformation tools using the inherent power of sound to unlock our creative powers. The universal and sacred language of sounds produced by the vessels is used as a doorway to synchronize acoustic resonance with Gaia, our mother earth.

The vessels produce “phantom tones” or “beat frequencies” inducing shamanic sound ecstasy to tune our manifestation with the planetary consciousness and to reveal our most inner potential. This book and the entheosonic experiences induced with the whistling vessels are fascinating!

The author embarks you on a journey of discovery of this spiritual technology of sound revealing unfathomed depths of ancient human knowledge. From the graves of pre-Colombian high dignitaries and priests, to the rediscovery of the vessels in the 1970s, from accounts of the whistles’ experiences and scientific studies, the author explores the hidden knowledge of Alchemy, Hermetism, and Initiatic Magic to reveal our most innate Nature, that of our essential unity, non-discernible through words alone. »

Introduction Chapter of the Book

Several thousand years ago in the central region of Peru, there existed a lore of sound that has no counterpart in our days. The ancient Peruvians developed a craft (today we would call it a technology) of sound and its utilization for ritualistic and spiritual purposes. Despite a great deal of archeological and scientific research, this ancient knowledge and the circumstances and exact reasons for using these whistling vessels remain matters of mere supposition. In this text, we propose to examine certain aspects of this ancient knowledge and of various fields associated with it. The description of these whistles and of their effects on consciousness and the nature of what is generated by a group participating in a session with these instruments will lead us to a discussion of their origin and supposed place in these pre-Colombian cultures. The mythology and beliefs of these pre-Colombians are, of course, of a different age, but the close connection between these cultures and the forces of nature is of great value to modern humanity. This is not to suggest that we should adhere to some primitive cult of nature but that we should recognize nature as the very essence of life.

Peruvian whistles are instruments tuned to frequencies that correspond to the current evolutionary condition of humanity to this very day. It is difficult to speak of this experience, to characterize it and define it clearly, although it obviously represents something unusual and exceptional for each practitioner.

No discussion or theoretical consideration can capture the experience, so this text is above all an invitation to readers to seek the experience for themselves. Of course what one feels varies greatly from one individual to another, according to each person’s sensibility and receptivity at the time of the session, not to mention a considerable number of other factors that can influence the process. It can be useful to begin with a ritual that creates and supports a feeling of respect for that which transcends linear, logical, and intellectual comprehension. It is important to choose a place where one feels good, whether outdoors or inside, and where one can relax and have an enjoyable time.

The sounds produced by the whistles facilitate a natural modification of consciousness. The whistles are vehicles that lead us naturally and effortlessly to the realization of the vastness of our manifestation, to a new awareness of our inner landscapes, and to the creation of global fields of coherence. The entheosonic whistling vessels facilitate the transcendence of a certain mode of perception, a temporary suspension, or a slowing down of discursive thought. Thus they promote the discovery of our nature and manifestations by inducing a psychoacoustic experience of a very particular type, which remains nonetheless very simple.

The special tuning of these whistles produces their harmonics. These tones and overtones induce a light and brief modification in the usual state of our consciousness, an existential “letting go,” an outpouring beyond mind and conceptualization. This practice (which is done in small groups) leads to an extraordinary experience, unique and beneficial in its acoustic as well as its spiritual qualities. We will describe in fuller detail the ecstasy and characteristics of this special experience later.

Human consciousness, the making of these whistles, and the tonalities and frequencies that they produce all evolved together. We will deal with certain modern scientific studies that have been conducted on these instruments concerning their psychological effects on consciousness and the best way to benefit from this experience. The history of sound and of its utilization and meaning in human culture is enormous. We will discuss its esoteric wisdom along with modern research on the modification of consciousness through the medium of sound.

The four primordial elements (earth, water, air, and fire) are pictured on the front of Peruvian communicating whistles. We will examine the meaning of these elements in alchemy, Hermeticism, and Initiation Magic, while evoking humankind’s subtle bodies, their relationship to consciousness and spirituality, and the evolution of humanity.

Since entheosonic whistling vessels are shamanic instruments, I will attempt to define this ancient human knowledge and its specificities while maintaining a broad view of the psychological and mythological foundations of the psyche. We will also consider some psychology, especially the way in which the creativity inherent in our realities can help us to better discover what we fundamentally are. We will finish this treatise by invoking the nature of the nondual, or spiritual, experience.

This text and the research that it conveys are the products of individual experience with Peruvian whistling vessels extending over more than fifteen years. It was written above all with the goal of making these remarkable instruments known, that they might be for the readers just what they have been for me: an introduction to the themes that are at the heart of esotericism, the science of consciousness, and hidden knowledge. It is of course evident that, given the enormity and complexity of the subjects treated here, this text is the result of bias as to the diversity of biographical sources. Further, it was inspired by a dictum common in ancient human cultures: that a medicine, a magical gift with spiritual potential, can only help those who use it if its origins are remembered, repeated, recited, or ritually reconstituted.

This text also takes up this challenge: to translate, to give form to and recount an experience whose essence is found beyond the level of verbal language, which is a necessary and unavoidable conceptual sphere and which structures ourselves but generally limits our understanding of a greater reality. Our mind, our conceptual perception of reality, reveals itself to be completely secondary and reductionist during an experience of the whistles. The entheosonic Peruvian whistles give us access to other states of being—other dimensions of consciousness—which can serve as the means to realize individually what we need to experience, thus allowing us to draw near the point where “self” and “other” are joined in unity. This text was also written with the wish to invite others to travel on this path of unity, which reunites opposites, in the hope that it will be able to address certain domains of human experience that I consider important for the well-being of our communities. I hope to underscore our essential and fundamental unity.

I would like to acknowledge the collaboration of all my Peruvian whistle friends, players, teachers, and spiritual masters who assisted in the development of this project. I invite you to contact me with your questions about these instruments or this text, and, of course, I invite you to experience them for yourselves.

Denis Casarsa, January 2014.