• Welcome

    I am Denis Casarsa, life coach, neurolinguistic psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, living in Koh Samui, Thailand.

  • Therapy and Coaching Sessions

    Online meeting for your convenience.

    Confidentiality, anonymity, security.

  • Life Coaching

    Personalized support towards the actualization of objectives, recognition of our values and essential needs.

  • NLP

    NLP therapeutic interventions are rapid and effective, respecting the ecology of the individual.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis allows access to the unconscious, to the subjective structure of our experience of reality.


The mission of Samui Life Coaching is to provide quality professional service through effective therapeutic techniques. I have more than fifteen years of experience in psychology and counseling, meditation and transformation of consciousness techniques.

I welcome you for individual or couples consultations in Koh Samui Thailand, or online via Skype or Zoom.